Witness Mark

Like a fine wine, an antique clock is intricate and elegant. Only a few people in the world have the expertise to take on the challenge of fixing such complex puzzles. These expert horologist rely on witness marks - the scars or notches left on the inner workings of an old clock to guide their way.

As the pendulum of an antique clock swings in perfect balance, a complex network of gears and levers churn in tandem, leaving behind witness marks, or small grooves inside the clock. For veteran clocksmiths tasked with the challenge of repairing such intricate clocks, they must rely on these witness marks to guide their process of restoring the pendulum back into balance.

At Witness Mark Wines, our winemaker relies on the same tenets of experience, ingenuity and artistry to craft our wines. A color, an aroma, a lingering flavor profile. These details are the witness marks that guide our winemaker’s creative process. The result is a portfolio of beautiful, perfectly balanced wines from California’s Central Coast.